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As part of our Dandelion Event series, this year, HCA Hospice Care (HCA) is organising ‘The Vertical Challenge 2022’ to raise $300,000. This amount will fund 1,000 home visits to provide care and comfort to patients with life-limiting illnesses.

With our care, patients are able to spend their last days with dignity at home in the presence of their loved ones.

Together we can create more good days for our patients as they embrace the last leg of their life journey.

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Event Details

Locations of suitable elevation such as hills and ridges for outdoors or staircases at HDB blocks, condos/offices, high-rise buildings for indoors
01 October 2022 to
31 December 2022
Any time at your convenience

Registration is free but participants need to raise funds for HCA
* The Organiser reserves the right to alter any information under this section "Event Details". Reasonable efforts will be taken by the Organiser to notify any changes to all participants through The Dandelion Events website and/or Facebook page, and other communication channels such as SMS and/or email.

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S$372,616 Raised
Target: S$300,000